Tuesday, February 9, 2010

grand cayman

walked the whole 7 mile beach of grand cayman today.....  They say the weather here is pretty much the same year-round...  except winter is a little nicer because there is more of a breeze.....   Grand Cayman is a British territory and walking around the streets keeps throwing me off... i almost get hit every time because of the cars coming from the wrong direction on each side of the street...  :(

i took the first "tender" this morning and left the ship at around 7:30am so i have all day to walk the whole "7 mile beach" where "The Firm" was filmed...   The library here has free internet and computers..  I hope this will be my last boring post without pictures because i have nearly solved the internet/computer/phone/uploading pictures dillema...

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Patrick said...

Open up a tax sheltered bank account where we can all funnel our money!