Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Here

Posted by Mason on his Facebook page:

Internet is slow as nostrils here and, seeing as I didnt bring enough money and don't get paid for two weeks, I'm milking the internet card i bought for 20 bucks. There are supposedly free or almost free internet spots on the ports we are stopping at. When I find them I plan to internet it up. This satellite internet thing, though, is hecka slow, including uploading some pics i took and putting them on the blog.


Fred said...

Well, that might of answered one question. He says he paid $20.00 for the internet card. I believe his mother said on the phone that he had a card for 200 minutes. If I'm remembering that right, that means he's only paying 20 cents a minute for internet as opposed to the 75 cents a minute passengers pay for it. Not too bad, except for the slow connection.

Fred said...

Correction: 200 minutes for $20.00 would be 10 cents a minute. That's better, but still $6.00 an hour.