Monday, January 18, 2010

What...No Posts Yet?

I suppose it would be a bit optimistic to think Mason would be telling us what was going on right away. I would imagine the first few days might be a bit hectic. I was thinking internet access might be iffy, too, since he doesn't have his own laptop.

A search of the Carnival Cruise Lines web site, though, shows most ships have public internet access of one kind or another. Some ships even have internet cafe's. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if he had to wait in line to get to a computer. And they do charge for time.

Not sure if crew and entertainers get a special deal on internet access, or not. We'll just have to be patient and wait for him to get to a computer.

Addendum: I know the passenger price for internet service is relatively pricey, but I wondered about cell phones? Mason could probably text message from his cell phone if service is available.

Looking at the FAQ page again, I see the phones in passenger rooms can be used to call the U.S. Price is $6.99(!) per minute, though. Cell phone service is available on the ship, but calls are charged at international roaming fees. Not sure how much those fees are but I'm sure they're up there. Not something you could do a lot of without going broke.

I'm guessing his best bet would be internet service, especially if he could compose posts for this blog offline, somehow, and then get an internet connection and quickly copy and paste them to the blog. Just my best guess, but I would also think any computer time he pays for is charged as online time (DSL or satellite). I'm thinking the best he might be able to do is get a computer, write up and upload a post as quick as he can, then log off.

Then again, maybe crew members get a special deal?

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