Wednesday, January 13, 2010


well the piano player on the carnival dream who wanted to extend has now decided not to want to extend so im back on the carnival dream at the time i was originally scheduled. lol.

so heres the re-updated schedule:

Carnival Valor Jan17-apr18
Carnival Dream May15-aug14

after this i'll decide what cruises to do next. but knowing my boss Padraic im sure he'll have some cruise he'll want me to fill in for so im sure the next ones will be booked quick... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Looking good. I think I've got the comments fixed now. Testing to see. This is Fred posting an anonymous comment to see how it works.

I've got it set so anyone can comment but you need to do the Captcha word verification to post it. Word verification should keep the spam down. Comments aren't moderated, yet, but we can always start moderating if we end up getting spam or too many improper or off- topic comments.